Is It Hard to Get a Job at FedEx? (All You Need to Know)

Getting hired at FedEx is similar to getting hired at UPS or USPS – it may look easy on paper, but you still have to go through the hiring process and satisfy some requirements. Let’s see what the process of getting a job at FedEx looks like, how hard is it to get in.

Is It Hard to Get hired at FedEx? It has to be one of the easier jobs you can get right now. They pretty much hire anyone unless there’s a serious red flag in your background.

FedEx is hiring constantly, both at Ground and Express. Some hubs will hire on the spot, some won’t, but most of them are looking for new employees. They can be desperate for drivers at times, but not all of them.

There are all kinds of positions you can go for, and there are full-time positions for every job at FedEx. You can be a full-time handler, material handler, dangerous goods agent, team leader, ramp agent, input auditor, and the list goes on.

How Do You Know if FedEx Will Hire You?

FedEx ground truck on the street

FedEx will hire almost anyone who hasn’t got a serious red flag in their background, so you don’t need to worry about that. FedEx drug tests in 2022, except for package handler, so be prepared for that. 

You need to pass four things: a basic assessment test, over-the-phone interview, physical test, and background check (and drug test, if applicable). Almost everyone passes these, so there’s no need to stress about it. You can still practice for the test a bit, and get yourself ready for the interview.

The videos linked below can help you with that.

How to Get Hired at FedEx?

To get hired at FedEx you will need to go through the hiring process and pass an assessment test, physical test, over-the-phone interview, background check, and driving and drug tests if applicable.

Everything else happens after you get hired: Orientation, computer training, defensive driving training, and courier school.

The entire process can be done in just a few days, but usually, it lasts for about two weeks, similar to the length of the USPS hiring process. The training can last up to a month.

What Disqualifies You From Working for FedEx?

FedEx may disqualify anyone with a history of illegal drug use, any history in fighting, intoxication, theft, and anyone with a similar history. They do hire felons, but you may also get rejected, depending on your case.

FedEx will do a background check on you, which can be more or less thorough, depending.

What Requirements Are Needed to Work for FedEx?

FedEx requirements differ depending on the position you’re applying for. 

Here are the FedEx delivery driver requirements (courier):

  • High School degree or equivalent
  • driver’s license for the vehicle assigned
  • good driving record
  • good verbal and written communication skills
  • team player and human relations
  • Ability to lift 70 lbs (32kg)
  • Ability to work variable shifts, including weekends and holidays if needed
  • Pass the mandatory training for courier
FedEx Express truck

FedEx Hiring Process

FedEx hiring process includes the following:

  1. Interview, which almost everyone passes.
  2. You will then have a background check and possibly a drug test, as well.
  3. For delivery drivers, you need to pass a driving test.
  4. Next, you’ll have onboarding and orientation, but this is after you’re already hired.

Once you get hired, you’ll have to do a few days of computer training, and depending on the position, you may have to do defensive driving training and courier school

Here is the FedEx hiring process in more detail.

First, you need to apply for an interviewGo to the FedEx website. Here, you’ll have to create an account and apply for any of the positions available.

After that, you’ll be directed to an assessment test. It’s a simple test to explore your psychological profile, strengths, and weaknesses. So don’t stress it, you’ll pass.

You can practice for the FedEx assessment test from this video:

After about 1-2 days you’ll get a call to set up an over-the-phone interview. The interview can last anywhere from 30 seconds to a few minutes. Usually, almost everyone passes, but make sure you’re in a quiet place so you can focus, and try to relax.

You can practice for the FedEx interview to increase your chances of getting accepted. Check out some Interview Questions and tips from these videos:

FedEx hiring process after interview includes a background check, drug test (except for package handler), driving test, and if you get hired, an orientation. After you get hired, you may need to finish some training. 

So the next thing is filling out the background check form. The background check itself can be finished really fast, but usually lasts anywhere from 1 to 3 weeks.

After that, you’ll get a call back once your background check clears. If you applied for a driving or courier job, you’ll also need to do a drug test. The package handler doesn’t need to go through a drug screening test. 

Additionally, you may have a driving test and may need to submit your driving history record. The driving test includes driving in one of the standard trucks from FedEx you see on the road. It should take about 20 minutes. A driving test is done before or after orientation, depending on the case.

If you pass these, you got the job, congrats! You’ll start your onboarding form and get a date for your orientation. The orientation lasts for a few hours on the first day, and a few hours the day afterward. You’ll be watching videos on the company, safety, procedures, etc. FedEx orientation is paid for.

On the third day, you’ll officially start working. Nice!

If you have computer training, keep in mind that it’s straightforward but comprehensive. Those are useful skills to have, but not difficult to learn.

You may also have defensive driving training and courier school. Defensive driving is a three day long course. Finally, you’ll have the courier school. It’s a three-day course as well, which gives you basics and if you’re good with computers, it’s a breeze. 

How long is FedEx hiring process?

FedEx hiring process is about 2 weeks long, on average, but it can vary depending on location.

How do I pass a FedEx assessment?

This test is fairly easy, but every test can be practiced and you can improve your chances by practicing. You can pass it by practicing on free videos such as this one:

There’s no need to pay to those websites to get to questions and answers. You can simply practice from these kinds of videos, and you’ll be set. Just make sure to sleep well on the day of the test (or interview), go to a place without many distractions, and relax. You’ll do fine.

FedEx hiring process background check

FedEx conducts a background check for every position and looks for any misdemeanors or felonies, illegal drug use, thefts, or anything similar in the past 7 years. They do hire felons, but this kind of history will still affect your chances.

This kind of history may not automatically disqualify you, but it may have a significant impact on your chances of getting hired at FedEx.

If everything is good in your background you’ll probably get the job.

What if FedEx background check is taking too long?

It’s not uncommon that FedEx background checks can take a week, or sometimes up to several weeks. This happens in other companies as well, such as with background checks at UPSThere could be several reasons for this: 

  • a background check is pending a county or state check
  • the company FedEx uses to do checks may be delaying the process
  • it may be a holiday for a day or two, so things slowed down
  • they may be doing a thorough background check, which takes longer
  • Some Certifications and Clearances such as airports may require Federal checks which take up to 3 weeks

In any case, since you can’t change anything, there’s no need to stress about it. It’s just how things are. However, if you’re waiting for longer than a few weeks, it might be a good idea to give them a call.

FedEx Express Plane

How to Get Hired at FedEx as a Pilot?

Becoming a pilot at FedEx requires a lot of experience and qualifications to even compete, and some would say it’s one of the most competitive jobs in aviation. Here are the minimal requirements for a FedEx pilot (a bit of a read).

To get hired as a pilot at FedEx, and assuming you already fly, you will first need a pilot’s certificate, which takes about 3 to 9 months. Then you will need a commercial pilots certificate, which may take another 6 to 12 months, depending on the time on your hands.

You will then need to become a full-time professional pilot. You can do this by finding a job as a pilot somewhere, flying smaller planes, banner towing, pipeline patrol, or similar until you have 1,500 hours of flight time. This will take another 1 to 2 years.

Only after this do you have a chance of applying and becoming an airline pilot. However, you are still not competitive enough to get a job at FedEx as a pilot. To become a competitive commercial pilot for FedEx, you should try and fly for a smaller, regional airline, and learn to master flying jets. This may take several years.

As you can see, it’s very difficult to become a FedEx pilot, almost as much as becoming a Fighter pilot. But like the situation with becoming a fighter pilot, it’s far from impossible.

It’s an amazing profession and pays about $300,000 at FedEx, so it should be worth pursuing by anyone interested.

What’s the Best Job at FedEx?

The best job at FedEx is probably Ramp Agent. You do a little bit of everything, work with airplanes, and get leadership experience. 

FedEx Ramp Agent is a supervisory position with a lot of responsibility, whose primary role is to prepare the weight and balance manifest for the aircraft. The pay is a level or two above couriers, but to get here you typically need to work as a handler first.

Should you call FedEx about your application?

An FXO employer (FedEx Office) advises that it’s always best to follow up and call. Even smaller centers can have 100 applicants within just a few weeks and it can get hectic, so it’s always best to call a day or two after you apply regardless of the number of applicants.

It can take time to hear back after a job application.

How long does it take FedEx to get back to you?

Typically, FedEx should get back to you within a day or two after you apply. If the job posting was taken down, and you haven’t heard from the FedEx manager in a day or two, give them a call.

In general, you should always give them a call a day or two after you apply, just to check on your status and show interest.

How do I verify employment for FedEx?

You can verify your employment with FedEx by calling these numbers:

  • To verify FedEx Freight employee past/present: 901-492-8945
  • To verify FedEx Ground employment past/present: 855-339-6992

Does orientation at FedEx mean you got the job?

Yes, if you got scheduled for the Orientation at FedEx it means you got the job. Congrats!


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