FedEx Careers: The Good, The Pay, and The Shifts.

It may be easy to get a job at FedEx, but how is the job in all honesty? I did some research and have looked into the overall satisfaction of the employees, pay, working conditions, and advancement opportunities for both Express and Ground. Is Working for FedEx a Good Job? 

Working at FedEx Express is typically a good-paying job with benefits, with a guaranteed 36 hours of week paid and lots of room for advancements. FedEx Ground, on the other hand, is contracted so your experience will vary; they have a lot fewer benefits, but they usually don’t micromanage as much.

Benefits at FedEx Express include overtime, PTO, sick time, 401k, health and dental care, and a few other options. FedEx Ground has a lot fewer options, and usually no health benefits for Ground drivers, though some contractors might offer it.

General advice is to go Express, not Ground. If you can, apply for a Courier, if not then you can go for a package handler or a shuttle driver. Having experience at other delivery companies is a plus, and you may land in Freight externally if you’re lucky.

Is FedEx Ground a Good Job?

Your FedEx Ground experience will depend on the contractor you work for, the position you work at, and the management at the location. Ground Package Handlers tend to dislike the job, while Ground couriers tend to like the job for the most part. It’s not as stressful as it can be for a delivery company, and it is a rewarding job.

FedEx workers loading packages into airplane

As far as benefits go, Ground drivers, don’t usually get benefits. Usually, no sick days, and maybe a week of paid vacation. 

Is FedEx package handler a good job?

Working as a package handler at Ground is generally a decent job, physically demanding, with plenty of room for advancement in the company. Being a repetitive job, may not suit everyone, but it can also be enjoyable if you challenge yourself and have a good boss.

The first few weeks might be difficult as you develop a technique that works for you, but you’ll get a hang of it pretty soon. The difficulty lies in simply doing your work and hitting the expected rates. There’s a lot of heavy packages, so stay in shape.

Package handler pay starts around $15 and increases very slowly. Top pay will depend on your location and is usually around $21 and upwards depending on location.

Package handler benefits depend on whether you’re at Express or Ground. Express has much more benefits than Ground.

As a package handler, you’ll get a hell of a workout and become friends with other package handlers. The people working there are usually great, most are nice and talkative, and you’ll feel very welcomed.

FedEx ground package handler shift hours

Shift hours vary, and you’ll usually get to choose which shift you want to work. Most places do 4 shifts, and 5 hours a shift. Shift hours for package handlers (including night shifts) may look like this:

  • 10:30 PM to 4:00 AM
  • 4:30 AM to 9:00 AM
  • 10:00 AM to 2:00 PM
  • 4:30 PM to 10:00 PM

Times can be changed depending on work levels. You may work these 5 hours, or you may need to stay until the work is done, so the shift may be longer. You can also pick up extra shifts any time you want.

Full-timers may work 2 shifts, while part-timers may work one, but it will also depend on your location. You need a certain number of hours to be working full-time, such as 30 hours a week, and any part-time employees working over 30 hours aren’t usually considered full-time, but part-time employees working extra shifts.

Given that urban locations often have more packages to handle due to dense populations, shifts at these hubs may often stretch longer. Selecting a less urban hub could offer a more predictable schedule.

Is FedEx Ground driver a good job

If the contractor treats you well and pays you well, then you’ll love the job. If the contractor expects you to work much more than you are paid for, then you’re going to have a bad time. The job can be exhausting but pays well. 

However, FedEx Ground driver doesn’t look like a good long-term plan as a career choice, because of the wear on the body it can cause, and the lack of benefits. If you’re planning long term, look to advance or to switch to Express.

Researching contractor reviews in your specific area on platforms like Glassdoor before accepting a Ground driver position can provide insight into potential challenges and benefits.

FedEx truck parked

Is FedEx Express a Good Job?

The job isn’t as stressful as some would think, it pays ok, is rewarding, but can still be stressful at times trying to find addresses, knowing which entrance to use at a business, working during Christmas, etc. However, there is no rushing (compared to work at Amazon), you can take breaks, and if you finish early you still get paid and you can go home.

For those with aspirations beyond package handling or driving, FedEx Express offers a wider range of corporate roles, from logistics planning to customer relations, giving employees a broader career trajectory.

How Much Does FedEx Pay?

FedEx pays differently depending on location, so you could be making $15 an hour on one location, or you could be making above $22 an hour for the same position on another location. Your pay keeps increasing the longer you work there. You can make more if you work overtime and over the weekends.

What is FedEx starting pay?

Starting pay for package handlers is about $15, and for drivers is about $18. Keep in mind that if on the application it says “up to x dollars”, it doesn’t mean you’ll get that when you start, but that it’s the maximum you can achieve on that position over time.

How much does a package handler make?

Package handlers make around $16 on average, but it varies greatly depending on location. Pay is decided through the district, and package handlers in each station are assigned a base rate, which then increases over time.

How much does FedEx driver make?

FedEx Ground drivers make about $20 an hour on average ($150 a day or $800 a week). They can earn an additional $ for every stop after a certain number of stops, say 75. Similarly, FedEx Express drivers/couriers make between $19 and $24 on average.

FedEx Freight truck drivers make about 52 cents per mile and about $22/hr on average, which means you could make around $65-75k, and above if you’re willing to work more. You could reach the top pay rate after the third year and earn 66 cents per mile and about $30 an hour.

FedEx express courier’s top pay is $30+ after about 10 years of working. 

Does FedEx Ground give raises?

Package Handlers at Ground usually get a yearly or a 6-month raise, depending on the hub you’re working at. Raises are sometimes very small, and it may be a good idea to go up for another position up the ladder. Similar situation with Couriers at Ground, the only difference they earn slightly more.

Package handlers can earn an additional $1 or $2 per hour for weekend work. Hubs will generally offer an extra of about $1 for day/twi shifts for the work after 10 pm, and an extra $1 over the weekends.

How much do FedEx pilots make?

FedEx pilots make above $100k, where First Officers make about $75k on year 1, $160k at year 5, and $200k at year 15, while FedEx Captains make between $200k and $300k.

Advancements and Moving up at FedEx

Once you start as a package handler, you might want to try and advance at FedEx. There are all kinds of positions you can move up to.

FedEx prefers to hire internally (from within the company), similar to getting hired at UPS and USPS.

QA position (admin) is one of the possible choices to advance. As long as the management in your building is good and everyone communicates, then being QA isn’t that bad at all. Moving to QA at Ground will get you health benefits, higher pay (depending on experience), and more consistent hours. You’ll also get the experience to move up again.

You could also apply as a package handler trainer or as a switcher (the people who take the freight trucks to and from the doors). The switcher position can give you the training to get a CDL (Commercial Driver’s License). 

From package handler trainer, you can go to Ops Admin, then ops manager, which offers several levels for further advancements. An Ops manager position will be how you make it: if you treat your employees well when things aren’t, then your package handlers will follow you and do good work. If you don’t, you will get little respect and less work done.

If you want to keep the office route, then after admin (QA) you can go for ops coordinator. Coordinators can do different things at different stations. Typically, an ops coordinator at the Linehaul department does a mix of P&D trailer pickups and linehaul runs. It’s a fun position compared to most, as you’ll do all sorts of things.

A proven way to move up at FedEx is networking, which means you need to look out for managers in your network that will be hiring where you’ll let them know that you’re interested in the position.

What Is the Best Job at FedEx?

One of the best jobs at FedEx to aim for is probably Ramp Agent at FedEx Express. They may work random hours, later nights, or earlier mornings, but you’ll learn a little bit of everything, you’ll work with airplanes and you’ll gain leadership experience. The pay is a step or two above couriers, and it’s a respected stepping stone in this industry.

One of the better jobs at FedEx is probably in Freight, by starting as an apprentice and then going full driver. They usually hire to Freight positions internally, but it’s also possible to get hired externally, as well. Pay starts lower for the apprentice, but it jumps $2-3 after about two months as you move to the full driver. Freight has overtime after 8 hours, and you’ll hit top pay faster than at Express.

FedEx Ground or Express?

Generally speaking, FedEx Express is considered to be a bit easier, treating their employees better, and they are actually FedEx employees. FedEx Ground is generally considered to run at the lowest possible cost by contractors, which means that working conditions and may vary widely.

FedEx Ground is physically more demanding and deals with bulkier deliveries than Express. All Ground personnel is FedEx Ground employees except anyone operating a semi-truck or package delivery truck. Drivers also don’t get insurance through FedEx Ground.

The work environment is generally considered to be better at Express, but this can vary. As far as working hours, Ground handlers generally work later nights and earlier mornings compared to Express.

When considering potential growth, it’s vital to know that FedEx Express has been around longer, giving it a more established internal promotion structure. Ground, being newer, might provide quicker but less predictable advancement.

For those seeking to make FedEx a long-term commitment, it’s wise to actively participate in their professional development programs. These programs are often the gateway to new opportunities and higher positions within the company.

Is It Worth Working at FedEx?

If you want a job where you can work your ass off and make decent money overtime, then both Ground and Express are good options. If you want to advance, Express is a good option. If you’re looking for benefits, then only Express is worth it. If you’re looking for less responsibility, then Ground is for you. And if you want to slack off, then FedEx most certainly isn’t for you.

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