Is Working at UPS a Good Career Choice?

UPS job is the type of job that will pay your bills, have insurance, a pension plan, and regular annual raises. It may be easy to get a job at UPS, but will it be a good job for you?

Working for UPS can be a great job for you because it offers good pay and great benefits. But it is also a physically and mentally demanding job, which may not be a good option for some people.

You’ll be able to pay your bills, have insurance, and a pension. Plus, a good vacation time.

For these reasons, many people think that working for the UPS is worth it, especially if you’re in it for the long haul. UPS is a private company, not a government agency, and they offer a lot of room for growth.

The main goal for those looking for growth at the UPS is to get to a regular driver position (RPCD), with great benefits and higher pay. After that, UPS feeder drivers are usually the best choice for an hourly employee.

Is Working for UPS a Good Job?

The job itself is ok, physically demanding, but pays well. You get good benefits, and even part-time workers get benefits, plus they get paid well compared to many other similar companies.

UPS van on the job

If you’re looking for decent cash, some benefits, and growth then it’s a job for you. Pretty much the best benefits for a part-time job you could find. You can start by getting a sort of job at one of your local hubs. Here’s the hiring process at UPS, and here’s the process at USPS and FedEx.

Starting up is nothing special, but being a driver has a lot of advantages. Especially once you turn regular.

Given UPS’s global footprint, it’s worth mentioning that opportunities aren’t just in the driving or package handling sectors. There are chances to dive into international logistics, supply chain management, and even technological advancements if you’re considering a broader career trajectory within the company.

UPS Working Conditions

If starting as a package handler, you’ll be loading trucks. About 3 to 5 trucks daily. Normal production work hours are between 3 to 5 hours daily, and up to 8+ hours during peak time.

It’s a 5 day work week job during normal production at most hubs, 6 during peak. This usually means that you can’t just work 3 or 4 days during a normal week. You get a weekly work schedule, put your earbuds in, and start lifting heavy stuff for a few hours (earbuds optional).

It’s physically demanding, but if you stick with it, you can build muscle and it will become much easier. Then you can move on and grow.

As a UPS regular driver, conditions improve a lot. The pay is higher and you get to set your own pace.

Another route you can choose is to start in a call center. This isn’t physically demanding at all, as you’ll be working at a desk, doing invoices, and talking to customers. This can be a better choice for some, and it usually is.

Is working at UPS hard?

UPS is a challenging job, that’s for sure, even for a part-time. It may look like something you could handle next to a school or your other job, but it’s still 5-6 days of working per week on average, which many people can’t handle.

It’s a physically demanding job, which most people aren’t ready for once they start. For a package handler, which most people start at, you need to be physically fit. Be ready for hot summers, and cold winters. Expect a tough job, and you’ll be ready when you start. When you know what’s coming, you can cope with it easier.

Consider incorporating strength training or endurance exercises into your routine before starting; preparing your body in advance can reduce the initial shock of the job’s physicality and increase your job satisfaction.

Is UPS a stressful job?

Even though you get good pay and benefits, you get no summers off and you have to keep up with the flow. This can be stressful and demotivating for some.

How much stress you’ll experience will also depend on the hub you’ll be working at, your position, and the management at the location. If the managers are decent and know how to treat their employees and do their jobs, then you’ll get a better working environment.

To reduce stress at UPS, the best thing you can do is try to work towards a full-time driver position, and then possibly towards the UPS feeder position. Or, start in the call center, and go that road.

For those who highly value work-life balance, it’s vital to consider the extended hours and seasonal peaks at UPS. A proactive approach, like setting aside regular downtime or pursuing hobbies outside of work, can help offset the demands of the job.

UPS driver delivering packages

How Much Does UPS Pay?

Package handlers make around $14 to $15 an hour, RPCD (regular drivers) get paid $20 to $35 an hour, and UPS Feeder drivers usually make around $28+ per hour. 

UPS is known for above-average wages in general, and the longer you work the higher you get paid. You’ll be able to make six figures, not including the benefits, and guaranteed raises every year.

One thing is certain, you’ll most likely be paid more than Amazon pays their workers.

UPS driver salary

UPS regular drivers usually start at $20 and move on towards $39 the longer they work, but it will depend on the seniority and the location. Usually, UPS drivers can hit 100k a year, and even more for UPS feeders.

Typical raises are about $0.70 to $1 annually for delivery drivers. After 4 years you reach the highest pay, most top rate UPS drivers in larger hubs will be making above $40/hr.

The salary alone can be a good reason why you should work for the UPS.

The money for UPS drivers is best when you get to 4 years of driving. If you can start as a driver that’s a great option. But usually, you need to start as a package handler, then work your way towards becoming a driver, then a regular driver and this is when you start to get the highest pay.

UPS package handler pay

UPS package handlers usually get paid $14.50 to $15, and it’s similar for both part-time and full-time package handlers. This will, of course, depend on the location.

However, some locations pay a lot more than $15 for loading trucks and can bump this pay to $24+. These are rare, but there are hubs such as Chicago and Seattle where you can get paid this high.

What jobs at UPS pay the most?

The highest paying job at UPS is probably a Strategic Account Manager at around $132k per year.

However, for those starting at lower levels, you can get to a regular driver position and after 4-5 years make about $100k yourself, depending on the location. Even further, you can make $110k+ as a UPS Feeder driver, not including the benefits. 

The longer you work at UPS the more you get paid.

Those considering a job at UPS should weigh the long-term financial benefits. Consistent work there can result in a higher paycheck and a reputable work history, useful for potential career shifts in logistics.

UPS Benefits

Usually, benefits at UPS are handled by the union. Here are the main benefits for UPS drivers and other positions as well:

Health & Insurance BenefitsFinancial & Retirement Benefits
Health insurance401(k) Plan
Vision insurancePension plan
Dental insuranceEmployee stock purchase plan
Life insuranceStock options
Disability insuranceSupplemental Workers’ Compensation
Mental health carePerformance bonus
Family & Parenting BenefitsVacation & Time Off
Maternity & Paternity LeaveVacation & Paid Time off
Military LeavePaid Holidays
Family Medical LeaveSick Days
Unpaid Extended LeaveBereavement Leave
Perks & DiscountsProfessional Support
Employee DiscountTuition Assistance
Mobile Phone DiscountJob Training
Employee Assistance ProgramProfessional Development

Both full and part-time package handlers get benefits, such as medical, dental, and vision insurance. This makes UPS one of the rare companies that give benefits to part-time workers.

Although, part-time workers don’t get weekly disability, life insurance, and AD&D insurance.

Given the rising healthcare costs in many regions, the inclusive benefits at UPS can equate to a significant amount of saved expenses annually. This is a strong point to weigh in when comparing job offers from other companies that might not be as generous with their part-time benefits.

Union vs Supervisor benefits

You may have heard about or have been offered a PT supervisor position.

If you just started, the advice is to wait until you’ve been with the company for a while, and know what it is, and what you want to become. It is also much harder to go from a supervisor to a driver than it is from an hourly employee to a driver.

Regarding the benefits, there are supervisor benefits, and there are Union benefits. Supervisor benefits will cost you more per week and more when used. But, as a supervisor, you get more pay and guaranteed consistent hours.

If you intend to use the benefits then the union is the way to go. If you’re looking for more stable and better pay immediately then the supervisor route is the way to go. 

Usually, most people suggest union benefits as the better choice

How long until you get benefits at UPS?

Typically, benefits don’t kick in until 9 months, but it depends on your local addendums.

UPS van parked

Pros and Cons of Working for UPS

Here is the summary of the main pros and cons for UPS drivers and package handlers:

Pros working for the UPSCons working for the UPS
Good starting pay, annual raisesYou work a lot Mon-Fri, sometimes Sat
Good benefitsCan be a stressful job
You can build a good career hereNo summers off, can be tough
High pay after a few years
No diploma required to start

Is UPS Driver a Good Job?

It’s probably one of the best-paying jobs you can do without a diploma. Even part-time workers get benefits, so you’ll also have good job security. UPS regular drivers can hit 100k in many areas in the US and even go beyond as UPS feeders. 

On the other hand, it can be very demanding and stressful, with long hours. It’s not for everyone, but it does a lot of rewards.

The main thing you should know is that it takes time and a lot of hard work to become regular, with higher pay and better working conditions.

What is the starting pay of a UPS driver?

UPS drivers usually start at $20 to $21 per hour and then progress over the years with incremental raises depending on the location. Top pay is $39 per hour, and it takes about 4 years for a UPS driver to reach it.

Is UPS a Good Company to Work For?

If you want a good career that doesn’t require a degree, offers good benefits, and is willing to work hard, then UPS is a great career choice for you. UPS pays a good wage on which you can live a healthy life in the US. 

UPS has a lot of room for promotions but is also physically demanding and it’s usually 50+ hours per week. To avoid the physical part, you can try getting a job at the UPS call center.

In general, UPS drivers are paid well, which allows them to lead a healthy life in the US, to invest, get healthcare treatment, buy new homes, new cars, etc. This, in turn, is growing the US economy, which makes the UPS a good company to work for, not just ethically, but also financially.

What Is the Best Job At UPS?

For an hourly employee, the best job at UPS is probably a UPS Feeder driver. Less physically demanding, better pay, less stressful. Another good option is working at a call center at UPS.

To get to a Feeder position, you first need to become RPCD (regular package car driver) and have at least one year of safe driving. UPS feeder is physically less demanding and pays better than most other UPS jobs.

To get there, there is no fast or easy way. First, you need 3 to 5 years of experience. Getting a CDL (commercial driver’s license) on your own can help you a bit, but generally, you just need to put your time in and move up when you can.

This means going from part-time to full-time, signing every feeder list possible, and waiting until your name is called. You could also send your letter of intent and keep bugging the management until you’re taken. And just be patient.

A smart way could be to get your CDL and try to work at a local company for a while, then apply at the largest UPS hub possible for a feeder position. You can also apply for a feeder position at

One of the better jobs, with less stress and physical demand, is working at the UPS call center. The pay is decent, the promotion pace is regular and the work is nice. 

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