Is Google Certification Worth It? [in 2022]

Certificates validate expertise in your chosen career. Since Google offers an affordable IT certification, which we can complete from our homes, should we go for it? Can they actually help us get the job in IT?

Google certification is fairly cheap, adds value to your resume, and may in turn lead you to get an entry job position in IT. Google Certificates will show to the potential employer that you have a fundamental understanding that’s required for that entry-level job and may help with higher-paying jobs as well.

Google Career certificates are a great first step, and they’re a good starting point for a newcomer. Additionally, Google Certifications may be required for some jobs. The only downside is that they’re not as widely recognized as some other certificates, such as the CompTIA A+ certificate. However, they do carry some weight.

Google certification training will help you a lot in getting a background before you go for the A+, or getting an entry-level job. They may be the best starting point if you have no IT background.

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Is Google IT Certification Worth It?

Google IT Certificates (certified)

Google IT certification can help get that entry-level IT job. It’s not expensive, you can do it from your home, and while it doesn’t carry the same weight as the CompTIA A+ certificate does, Google IT certification still carries some weight and is definitely worth it.

Additionally, there’s a lot of material and knowledge you’ll regain from trying to get the certificate that you’ll have a lot to talk about with the hiring manager, depending on whom you speak with and what they ask you during the interview. Any kind of Google or Microsoft Certificate is a small plus to your resume.

Some of the Google IT certificates on Coursera are fairly cheap. And with IT jobs being in high demand right now, it seems like a no-brainer to get that certificate for yourself so you can feel more confident after the application process.

Google certification courses are helpful, will teach you a lot, and the only downside is that they’re not as recognized as the A+ certification. However, if you have very little background in IT, this is probably the best starting point before you move on to the A+ and other certs and job positions.

Just like any other certification, it’s important to know where you’re going and which CS certifications are worth it, and which are relevant to your career path.

Do Employers Take Google Certifications Seriously?

While most employers won’t hire you simply because of a Google certificate, they will usually consider them during the hiring process. Google certifications complement a degree and/or experience and make you stand out from other applicants.

If you apply yourself while learning to get that certificate, you’ll be able to ace most of the technical questions employers throw at you during an interview for an entry-level position.

However, most companies will be looking for some experience way before they look at your certifications. So if you’re just starting, the certificate will help you out, but you’ll need much more experience for a higher-paying job.

Can Google Certificate Get You a Job?

Like all certificates, they’re not a magic ticket to get a job, but having a Google Certificate will help you check the boxes for HR to prove that you’ve dedicated some time to learning about the craft and improving. This is a good sign in a candidate, and a plus to get that job.

Google certificates validate knowledge and experience. Some people may get the job precisely because Google Certificate stood out in their resume compared to other candidates, however, to land a high-paying job you’ll also need experience, and be a good fit in the eyes of HR. 

Google certificates validate knowledge and experience.

And while Google Certificate doesn’t guarantee a job, it will at least show the potential employers that you are willing to learn and put in some effort into your professional development.

How Long Does It Take To Finish Google IT Certificate?

The average time for finishing Google IT Certificates is around 2 months, depending on your skill and the amount of time you can put in. If you’re a beginner, and you can commit 4+ hours a day, then you should be able to finish most Google IT Certificates in under a month.

How Much Does Google Certification Cost?

Most Google Certificates cost $39 per month until they’re completed. These include the Google IT Support Certificate, UX course, Data Analytics, and Project Management courses. Google Android Developer Certification costs $149, while Google Ads Certification is free.

Once you finish the courses, you can access them forever and you don’t need to pay the monthly fee again. You only need to pay as long as they are incomplete.

Is Google IT Support Professional Certificate Worth It?

Google IT Support Professional Certificate will not only help you in an entry-level desk job, but it will also help in getting many other IT jobs as well. This is a highly detailed course, very useful and recommended by a lot of IT professionals.

Google IT Support Professional Certificate is not just an entry-level certificate. With the amount of information they’re pushing, and the amount of detail it goes into, this certificate falls more into the advanced level.

And while some employers may require A+ instead of Google Certificates, many will still recognize the fact that you went out of your way to get it. That shows a willingness to learn and motivation, which is important for any position.

Some job positions may require Google IT Certificate

Additionally, being a certificate from Google, it will always carry some weight as long as Google is one of the major companies in the IT world today.

Cost: $39 per month until the course is complete

Is Google Ads Certification Worth It?

Taking into account that Google Ads Certifications are free, and all you need to invest is your time and effort, they will always be worth it. Not only will you gain knowledge, but they’ll also help you out when the HR recruiter compares you to someone else.

Google is a recognizable name, and having their certificates on your resume will help you out during the hiring process. The same goes for Facebook Ads and Microsoft Ads. If they’re free, they’ll always be worth your time.

Cost: Google Ads Certifications are free

Is Google Cloud Certification Worth It?

Google offers various cloud certifications, from foundational to professional levels. These certificates validate your own knowledge and expertise in the field working on the Google Cloud Platform. One of the popular ones is Google Cloud Architect on Coursera.

Google Cloud certification on Coursera is best for data engineers who want to learn how to apply their skills on Google Cloud Platform. It’s worth it if you’re applying for a position at a GCP (Google Cloud Platform) company, or if you’ll get a bonus/raise for becoming certified.

This course won’t make you a data engineer. For that, you’ll have to round your skills with several other courses on Python, classic data modeling, and classic ETLs. 

Google Cloud Certified Associate Engineer

To make it clear once again, the Google Cloud Data Engineering course is focused mostly on Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and is most suited if you’re already a data engineer and you want to learn how to apply your skills on GCP. It doesn’t give you the background you need to understand what a data engineer will need to do, other than what’s on GCP. It won’t teach you where to start, what systems to put in place, what the architecture should look like, and what other tools your team will need.

This means that those skills are entirely Google-ecosystem specific. You’ll learn the way of doing things on GCP, and some extra stuff about BQ, Dataflow, and others. It’s a “nice to have” certificate and will depend on your personal needs whether it can help you.

The price is $39 a month on Coursera.

Is Google Data Analytics Certification Worth It?

Google Data Analytics Certification is aimed at beginners, and you’ll learn skills used by junior and associate data analysts. These skills are invaluable if you’re new to data analysis, so the knowledge is worth it and the certificate will complement your degree and give you a slight boost.

This course is intended to get you into SQL, R programming, Data visualization tools, and spreadsheets. By itself, the course doesn’t guarantee you a job, but it’s worth having on your resume, especially if you’re applying for an entry-level position as a data analyst.

The course may also help you during the hiring process, because you may get tasks that will challenge this certificate that you put on your resume. You’ll get hired with the help of this certificate, but only if you prove your skills.

Cost: $39 per month until the course is completed.

Is Google Education Certification Worth It?

Google Education Certification teaches you how to use Google apps such as Google Docs, Sheets, Slides, Gmail, Chrome, and YouTube. They’re highly informative, useful and will teach you quite a bit about Google Services.

Google Educator Certificates verify that you know how to use the Google tools in the classroom as an educator.

If you’re already using these Google services then it should be fairly easy to finish the Educator Level 1, and there shouldn’t be much to study for you. You can even Google the answers in a separate window while you take the test. It costs $10, takes 180 minutes to finish, and is valid for 3 years.

Educator Level 2 covers apps like Google Drive, collaborating with Google Docs, research with Google Scholar, advanced data analysis with Google sheets, and many other skills and apps. It costs $25, takes 180 minutes to finish, and is valid for 3 years, just like the Level 1 certificate.

Is Google UX Certification Worth It?

Google UX certification covers all major aspects of UX, and you’ll be able to add 3 projects to your portfolio which are UX and UI related. It gives a nice summary in UX and may help you land an entry-level job if you’re new or junior level. 

Google UX certification is fairly new, and so far the consensus is that it’s a good intro to UX. The projects are nice and give you an idea of how UX design works.

You’ll be able to add 3 projects to your portfolio, you’ll get solid content related to UX and UI which covers all UX and UI aspects, and you’ll get the opportunity to build networks with other colleagues. 

Being a course for beginners, the small downside is that it can get a bit boring for those who already know a bit about UX. 

Cost: $39 per month after the 7-day trial until the course is completed.


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