How Tall Is a Boat on a Trailer (with 23 examples)

Are you wondering whether your boat can fit inside your garage? Can it pass under a low bridge? How tall would be the top of your center console on a trailer of something like a 22-25 feet boat? I did some research, and here’s what some of the boat owners had to say about their boat heights and trailers.

A 22-25 feet boat will usually be above 10 feet tall on a trailer, with some exceptions. Often it’s above 10 feet going to 11’, and with radar or a hardtop, it can go up to 12 or 13 feet. A 30ft boat with radar could go up to 14 feet.

A boat on a trailer is 2 to 2.5 feet taller than the “bridge clearance” listed on your manufacturer’s specs.

There are shorter boats on trailers, 8 or 9 feet but if you’re trying to fit them inside your garage they somehow always end up being taller than you need them. If you’re buying a new trailer for your sailboat, then this is something you’d want to know. As you calculate this, make sure not to park your car or boat on your newly paid asphalt, or the weight may damage it.

Dimensions will depend a lot on a trailer, but also if you have a radar or accessories on top and are they removable.

Average Boat Height on a Trailer (examples)

Grady White on trailer

One thing that I’ve realized is that there is no average trailer or average boat height on a trailer, they vary. But, I’ve scoured some forums and made a list of different boat heights on trailers based on what some boat owners shared, and here they are:

  • 22’ Grady (with hardtop and accessories) is just under 12’ on a trailer
  • Hewescraft 22’ with the top would be about 9’ on a trailer
  • Mastercraft X14 will barely make it under 10’ on a trailer
  • 22 feet Robalo would be about 9-10 feet tall on a trailer (12-13 feet with a hardtop).
  • Baha 299 30’ will fit under a 14’ height in your garage
  • A starcraft islander is around 11.5’ (or 10.5’ with rod holders removed)
  • A 20’ center console, like Grady White 209 Escape, can be above 10 feet tall on a trailer, and would not fit in a 10’ garage door
  • 2006 X2 MCX could fit under an 8’ door with the tower folded down
  • 24’ Robalo with the hardtop on the trailer is about 11.5ft tall.
  • A 1997 Sea Ray 250 Sundancer would fit under a 10’ tall door
  • 24’ Yellowfin Bay without a T top is under 8ft on a trailer
  • A 27’ Chaparral 270 would be about 11’5” on a trailer
  • 2006 Contender 25 open with T Top and Garmin dome radar is about 11’9”
  • 28’ Wellcraft on a trailer could be up to 12.5’ tall
  • A 25 with an open array is about 13ft tall
  • 2002 Sea Pro 235 WA w/hardtop is just under 11′ without radar
  • A 26-foot cuddy could maybe fit in an 8’ door, but barely
  • 30 feet boat with the radar and outriggers is 14’ on a trailer
  • 23’ Hydrasport Vector with T-top is about 11’5” on a trailer
  • Sea Hunt Triton 225 is 11’5” to the top of the T-top mounted radar dome
  • 23’ Key West 2300 WA is 13’ at the radar dome
  • 21’ Cape Horn is about 10’8” on the trailer without radar (11’6” with radar)
  • 20ft Sea Fox – 9’6” to the top of grab rail

The minimum height added by a trailer is determined by the height of the tops of the axle, plus the added height needed for the action of the springs, at least 2 or 3 inches. A boat can’t fit on a trailer with the keel below the axle.

There is no average height for boats on a trailer, because trailers vary, and it also depends on your boat, does it have a hardtop, etc. For certain types of boats, we can approximate a height on a trailer, but we can never be certain until we put it on a trailer and measure ourselves. However, we can approximate a bit.

Can Your Boat Fit in Your Garage?

13 feet garage door height size should fit any boat you might want to have. My garage is about 9 feet tall, but I feel like that won’t be enough for my next boat.

To be completely sure if your boat can enter your garage on a trailer, the best advice I’ve seen is to tow your boat to the garage, then back in slowly to see if you have clearance. And even when you measure, any angle to the driveway will affect clearance.


For example, for an 11’6” boat on a trailer, you might want to go with garage door dimensions of 12 feet high and at least 10 feet in width.

To cover all possible boats that you can tow without a permit, then a garage of about 14.7 feet high would cover all the bases.

If your boat is above a certain height you need a permit to tow it. For most of the states, you can’t trailer without a permit if it’s over 13 feet 6 inches (up to 14.6 feet for some states) so a door to open at least 14’ can cover most of them, with a finished floor and door clearance. A Baha 299 (30’ boat) would fit nicely under a 14’ height.

The trailer is going to be 6-12 inches wider than the boat, or 102 inches, whichever is smaller because 102” is the maximum legal width for vehicles without a permit.

If you’re unsure and you’re thinking about re-doing your garage door, to be on the safe side, it’s best to build your garage door a bit taller than you feel is enough. Say, a one feet taller.

Can Your Boat Fit in Your Garage by Length?

Many garages aren’t deep enough so I had to consider the length of the garage. A good piece of advice is to allow for an additional 3 feet of length to the actual boat length to allow for the outdrives and the trailer winch if the trailer tongue folds. It’s good advice to add another 3 feet for non-folding.

A 25’ boat can be up to 30’ in length when on a trailer, but it varies from trailer to trailer and also depends on the boat manufacturer. Some boats are a few feet long or shorter than the advertised length, depending on the manufacturer.

Here are a few examples:

  • 28’ Wellcraft could be up to 36’ long on a trailer,
  • 2014 Mastercraft X2 is 20 feet, and on single axle trailer with tongue folded is about 20’ 10” long, and 25’ otherwise,
  • 2006 X2 MCX is 20 feet and can fit in a 21’ long garage with platform removed and tongue folded up. Otherwise, 25’ needed.

General advice is to always add a few more feet than you think will be enough. It is very difficult to install taller doors in your garage, but much harder to make your garage deeper, so it’s important to take into account the length of your garage, for your next boat.

Can Your Boat Pass Under a Low Bridge (trailer and in water)?

For trailers, to calculate how high will your boat be, you need to look at the “bridge clearance”, on your manufacturer’s specifications. Bridge clearance will tell you how high the top of the arch is to the waterline.

Once you know this, add 2 to 2.5 feet depending on the trailer. This can vary, from trailer to trailer.


When it comes to water, it depends on a few factors. For many sailboats, the bridge is raised for them if they need to pass, and for them, this is the best possible outcome as you don’t need to worry if it’s your first time.

You need to know your air draft. The vessel’s “clearance” is the distance over the air draft which allows a vessel to pass safely under a bridge or obstacle such as power lines, etc. A bridge’s “clearance below” is most often noted on charts as measured from the surface of the water to the underside of the bridge at the chart datum Mean High Water.

In 2014, the United States Coast Guard reported that 1.2% of the collisions it investigated in the recent past were due to vessels attempting to pass underneath structures with insufficient clearance.

Normally, if a bridge has 10 feet of clearance to pass safely, then you may be able to pass if your boat manual says you have less than 10ft of clearance, however, I would try and go under a taller one first. If it’s a close call, then go for the low tide when going for the first time out.

Very important to slow down when passing under.

Bridge clearance at slow idle could very easily be 1 foot more than at planing speed, unless you’re a risk-taker and put your outdrives at 45° then throttle up so hard so that the back end of the boat would drop a bit (I don’t recommend this approach).

Here’s a real trick if you’re not sure: stand in the stern of the boat and look at the bridge over the highest point of the boat. If the bridge appears to rise relative to the high point on the boat as you approach, you will clear the bridge. If it appears to drop as you approach, you won’t.

Hopefully, I’ve helped you as much as I’ve helped myself by researching about heights of boats on trailers, and what to pay attention to when buying a new boat. That’s: clearance, advice from other boat owners, always tow your boat to your garage to have a correct measure, and take it slowly under bridges.


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