How Long Does It Take To Get Hired at Costco? (in 2022)

Getting a job at Costco can be quick for some, but the length of the entire recruitment process can differ wildly. On average, how long is the Costco hiring process in 2022?

For a typical Costco position in a warehouse, it takes about a week or so for Costco to hire during the hiring season, or if the location in question is actively looking for employees. If the Costco location isn’t looking for new employees, then it may take up to a month, or longer.

You’ll have to go through at least one in-person interview, and up to 3 interviews total. Oftentimes, these interviews are combined together or shortened, so you can be done in one day if you’re lucky.

In this article, we try to break down the entire process of getting hired at Costco, from your online application to being called for orientation.

How Long Does It Take To Apply at Costco?

Costco Wholesale Building

The entire process of submitting your application at the Costco website shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, up to an hour. You can apply for Costco either via Cadient or via Teleo for IT jobs. All of these links are available on the main page for Costco jobs.

How to apply at Costco? (step by step)

Here are the steps when submitting your typical Costco application in a warehouse:

  1. Select either to apply for only the open position or choose a specific position that may or may not be open at any location.
application process at Costco step 1

For example, if you were to click “warehouse” you’ll have more than 30 positions available, which may or may not be open at the location where you want to work. You’ll be in the system, and if the position becomes available in the future, you’ll be notified.

  1. After you select your position and location, click “Begin application” where you’ll need to either register a new account, or log in. 
  2. After you log in, you’ll be greeted with this screen:
application process at Costco step 3

Here, you can upload your resume if you choose to do so (recommended), after which you need to enter your personal information and accept the Terms and Conditions and any Disclosures if necessary.

  1. In the following step, you’ll need to answer a few questions regarding your ability to work in the US, to be drug tested, and also whether you’re able to perform your job and if you’re of legal age (18). To speed this up, you can put “Yes” on all of those questions.
  2. Next, you’ll need to select your availability. The general advice is to make yourself as available as possible to increase your chances of getting hired.

On the first page, you’ll need to enter the date when you can start, and your work preference: full-time, part-time, seasonal, or any.

application process at Costco step 5

The 2nd page is just as important for availability, where you’ll need to select if you can work on holidays, evenings, and weekends. If at all possible, you should look into putting “Yes” on all of these, as that will increase your chances of getting called for an interview.

application process at Costco step 5.1
  1. Next, you need to provide information about your work history and experience, as well as answer a few questions about your affiliation with Costco (past experience, past applications, stuff like that). You also get to choose if you are familiar with working on any of the listed machines and equipment.
application process at Costco step 6
  1. In the next step, you get to add your education details, which is pretty straightforward.
application process at Costco step 7
  1. After that, you can choose to do a tax credit screening. You can choose to decline, otherwise, you’ll be taken to a different page where you’ll need to fill in some information. 
  2. Finally, you get to finish the application by typing in your name, as well as the last 4 digits of your SSN. They’ll also ask you to provide gender and ethnicity, but you can choose to decline.
  3. The final screen will give you an overview of your application where you can check if all details are correct and whether you need to edit or add additional details.

At any time during your application, if you get interrupted, you can just press the button “Save for Later” which is at the bottom of the page, so you can continue applying at some other time.

If you’re applying for the Spring/Summer hiring season which starts around April/May, you can choose to apply even a few weeks before in March. You’ll soon be contacted over the phone to schedule an in-person interview, or you may be called for an interview by email.

How Long Does It Take for Costco to Call Back After Submitting an Application?

If you’ve applied for an open position, or during the hiring season, they should get back to you after 2 to 5 days to schedule an interview. However, if you applied during the off-season, or if that location wasn’t actively hiring, then it may take up to a few weeks. 

Applications stay valid in the system for 90 days (according to their Cadient page). After 90 days have passed, you’ll have to apply once again if you want to remain in their system.

Should You Follow Up After Applying if It’s Taking Too Long?

Usually, it’s best to follow up at Costco and either call or better yet, go down and meet the manager. Getting to know people in person trumps any kind of email or phone call as far as increasing your chances of getting called for an interview. 

Just remember to be friendly, but persistent, and go there before noon on a weekday. This way you’ll get to catch the manager with some free time, and ask a few questions. Maybe even get to know them a little bit. Visiting in the afternoon may be hectic, so try to avoid that.

You can do this as soon as a few days after applying online. Apply at Costco Jobs, then go down to the location you’re applying to and give your resume to the manager (usually it’s a front end manager you can ask for). 

This way you’ll show eagerness on your part, you’ll get to know him and establish contact and you’ll increase your chances significantly.

How Long Is the Costco Interview Process?

The interview process at Costco usually consists of 2 to 3 interviews, but they are often combined and done in one single day. This means you’ll be interviewed two times at most. For some locations, the first interview is just a phone interview, while the other two are combined.

Costco is known for having a bit more difficult hiring process compared to other retail companies, so it’s good advice to try and prepare for the interview.

How Long Do Costco Interviews Last?

The first interview usually consists of a lot of scenario questions and can last anywhere between 10 minutes and an hour. This time difference will depend on the location you’re applying at. Some roles need to be filled in quickly and others don’t. Managers also play a part, where some are extremely busy while others can take their time.

The second interview is usually shorter, from a few minutes to about 20 minutes. Here you’ll either answer more similar questions about different scenarios, or you may just be offered a job and do the drug test.

How Long for Costco to Call You for a 2nd Interview?

If you had your first interview, the hiring managers will usually let you know a few days later whether they’ll be calling you for the final interview or if you got the job. Other times, your 2nd interview might even happen on the same day, depending on the Costco location and the urgency to fill in the role.

How Long for a Background Check to Finish?

Background checks at Costco usually take about 3 to 5 days to clear but can take up to two to three weeks during a busy season. Background checks are just a formality, so there is usually no need to worry about this step, even if it takes a bit longer.

If it’s been longer than five business days and you’re getting anxious, you can call your local Costco to see if they have any information for you. The best time to call is around 10 to 12 if it’s a weekday, as it’s usually the least busy time for the managers.

How Long for Costco to Reply With an Offer After the Final Interview?

If you’ve applied for the position that Costco is actively trying to fill in, then you should hear within a week, and you’ll get called for the orientation. If however, the location you applied at isn’t actively hiring, or it’s a busy season, then it may take a few weeks or longer.

This time can be shorter for seasonal workers, sometimes only a few days after your final interview and a drug test.

Should you call if it’s been too long after your final interview?

While it’s not a bad idea to give them a call if it’s been a week after your final interview, it might be even better to stop by your Costco location and check with the manager. Do it on the weekday morning, otherwise, a manager might a bit too busy to talk to you.

Will the Hiring Process Be Longer if You Have No Experience?

The hiring process will actually be shorter, because of several things. First, you don’t have to fill in the application form related to your experience. Second, the managers will have fewer questions to ask you if you had no previous roles in retail or elsewhere. And third, they’ll take it easier on you, especially if you’re younger. 

Just remember to research the position you’re applying for, research Costco as a company, and practice answering the questions for the Costco interview. They’ll help you prepare and get that job whether seasonal or full-time.


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