How to Get a Job at Apple Retail Store? [Guide for 2022]

Getting a job at an Apple store can be difficult, but there are a few sound tips you can learn to significantly improve your chances. How do you do it?

The best way to increase your chances of getting hired at one of Apple’s stores is to first have a referral, and then practice the interview questions to show off your personality. A referral will guarantee you’ll get the 1st interview, and the practice will make sure you get the 2nd one.

To get the Apple store job, you should be knowledgeable of Apple products, but more importantly, you need to be a somewhat interesting person who can talk to people. Anyone can memorize the products, not many can actually sell them.

You get a job with Apple retail by being good with people, being yourself, and practicing the STAR method to pass the interview. By showing enthusiasm, positivity, and willingness to help people, you’re projecting a nice personality which is what most Apple managers in retail are looking for.

How to Get Hired at the Apple Store?

Apple store at Fifth Avenue in New York City

To get hired at Apple, you need to focus on the things that Apple recruiters look for in employees for a retail position. These include a nice personality, ability to work in a team, positivity, and good communication skills. If you keep this in mind when doing your interviews, you’ll significantly increase your chances.

Applications at Apple are only to screen people out. Unless you’re overqualified or have tons of experience, to get a job at Apple you need to reach out and find people who need employees. Start with LinkedIn and look for Apple managers who changed their name or description to “We’re hiring!”

Just like getting hired at a Costco or Walmart, you could go down to the store and see if they’re having a hiring event soon. While some may not recommend this approach with Apple, you may be able to demonstrate your skills directly while there, but try to be yourself.

If you can speak two languages, that’s a huge plus with some Apple hiring managers. But the most important thing when working for Apple retail is to be able to resonate with customers and show a nice personality. You need to show them how you can connect with customers and answer their questions.

Be friendly, well-spoken and show a nice personality

Similarly, to get hired at Apple genius bar you need to be good with people, but also technically inclined. If you aren’t comfortable with screwdrivers and very fragile electronic components, you weren’t cut out for the job.

Keep in mind that if you can’t pass Apple’s retail personality tests, there are independently owned Apple specialist stores that may be perfect for you.

How Hard Is It to Get a Job at Apple Retail?

Getting a job at an Apple store can be difficult, but can be done if you improve your resume, and prepare for the interview. For the store position, your best bet is to get a referral, learn to be relaxed, and improve your communication skills. For a Genius bar position, you need a bit more technical knowledge.

If you’re a natural, then all you need is to just be yourself, show positivity, and pay attention during group interviews. They will notice if you pretend to be someone else, so just be friendly and personable. This applies to the Apple Genius and Creative positions as well.

Requirements to work at Apple Retail

There are no special requirements for most base job positions at the Apple store, other than a high school diploma and being 18 years of age. You don’t need a degree or experience to work at the Apple Store, but you do need to have a willingness to learn, you need to be able to communicate, work in a team and be willing to help customers.

Even for Genius or Creative, Apple will mostly hire on personality, not technical knowledge. This is because technical knowledge can be taught, but personality cannot. You can get a job at the Apple store with no GPA and no experience, but with a great ability to connect with customers and sell products.

How Long Does It Take To Get Hired at Apple?

The entire hiring process at Apple usually takes about 1 to 2 months, from filling out the application online to getting hired. The time it takes will depend on the location, the need for new employees, and the position you’re applying for, so the entire process can be even longer.

What is Apple Retail Hiring Process in 2022?

Apple hiring process for a retail position consists of these steps:

Hiring events are more prevalent for retail/store positions because it’s much easier to screen people out and see them role-play with potential customers.

The Apple store hiring process can take a few weeks or a few months, depending on the store and the number of interviews. You may have anywhere between 2 and 6 of these interviews, usually in groups of 10 people doing roleplays and watching videos.

Apple Application Process

First, you need to apply online and get your Apple job application into their system. Most of the time, Apple stores filter these and use them to select a few groups of people for the hiring events.

Applications take a while, and in the end, you might never be called at all if they don’t select you. This is why an inside referral is so important. If you get referred, you can guarantee yourself at least one interview or a group event.

Apple store application process will depend on the store, but they usually collect all the resumes and hold hiring events, with a few group interviews per week with a dozen people each. They usually happen several times a year, typically for product launches and the holiday season.

Here are some useful tips when applying at Apple:

  • Find someone to refer you before you apply
  • Use good keywords in your CV to get noticed
  • Focus your resume on skills involving interaction with people (leadership, teamwork, sales)
  • Apply online, and start preparing for an interview

How to apply for a job at Apple?

You can apply at Apple by going to their website and searching for an open position at Apple jobs. You can also check out the Apple retail jobs and search for one of the roles you want to apply for in retail such as a Specialist, Creative, or Genius.

Does Apple respond to job applications?

Apple doesn’t usually respond to applications unless you get selected for an interview. This is normal for most retail jobs, not just Apple. Unless your application was unique, or you were overqualified or you applied for a corporate job, they may never respond unless it’s for an interview.

Does Apple tell you if they reject your application?

If you haven’t been called for an interview, you may never hear back, because Apple doesn’t usually tell you if they reject your application. One way to guarantee at least one interview is to have someone on the inside refer you.

How long for Apple to contact you for a job interview after applying?

With most of the base positions, such as specialist or sales, the application is always available to apply but you’ll hear back once they start actively looking into it. If they’re actively hiring, they might get back to you for an interview after about a week or so.

Since most of Apple’s job advertisements are filled out by internal candidates, this means that most people won’t get an interview at all. To guarantee you get the first interview, you should have an employee referral.

Apple Interview Process

Apple interview process is about 1-2 months long and consists of 2 to 6 rounds of interviews, sometimes one-on-one and others in a group. The hiring managers are mostly looking for personality, customer service skills, and how well you work in a group.

The most important thing for Apple’s retail interviews is customer service skills. This is because soft skills can’t easily be taught, compared to technical knowledge, which almost anyone can learn.

What happens at the Apple phone interview?

In general, a phone interview at Apple will just be a casual chat with the hiring manager or a recruiter. They will ask you some basic questions but nothing difficult. The interview is often easy to pass, and will mostly revolve around your personal experiences.

For a retail position phone interview, you may get questions to tell them about yourself, why did you choose Apple, when you tried to sell to a customer or dealt with a difficult customer. You can easily pass the phone interview if you try to remain very personable and relatable.

Apple store/retail interview questions

Most of Apple’s questions for a retail position are competency-based behavioral interviews. These aren’t unique to Apple and if you’ve had any customer service experience, you’ll have a slight advantage. About 90 seconds per answer is a good length, not too long or too short.

You’d want to talk about your passion to help people find the right solution for them because that’s what Apple is looking for. What you need is to strike a balance between being semi-professional and being pleasant. So try to smile, laugh, and be comfortable. 

Strike a balance between being semi-professional and being pleasant

Since most of the questions for a position at the Apple store are behavioral interview questions, you may get something like:

  • What is your favorite Apple device and why?

You need to show how you love Apple products, so pick one or two of your favorite ones, and tell a few useful features about them in a relaxed way. This will show how you know what you’re talking about, but also you’re able to explain this to a potential customer in a way that’s easy to understand.

  • Why do you want to join Apple?

To properly answer this, you need to learn about Apple and its products. You should then make a list of things that are required for that job position, then connect that to your skills and your personality. This will influence the hiring manager and will show how you’re the right fit for that job position.

  • Tell me of a time when you had to deal with a difficult customer

The hiring managers want to hear a story where you met the angry customer with composure. A good way to answer this is by following the general formula and explaining what the situation was, what actions did you take to resolve it, and what was the result. This is called a STAR method that you can (and should) practice.

  • Have you ever simplified a complex concept for another person?

The hiring managers for the Apple store jobs are looking for people with nice personalities who can explain Apple products to a customer in a simple way. You can answer this by saying how you sometimes use analogies to explain, or you look for a way to connect to a person with a joke or a story to be able to explain this.

Other interview questions for Apple retail include:

  • Tell me of a time you had to give feedback to a peer.
  • Give me an example of when you went above and beyond for a customer.
  • Tell me of a time when you had to disagree with your manager, and how you handled it.
  • Explain a RAM or modem/router to an 8-year-old.
  • Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

Here’s a good video on how to answer typical Apple interview questions:

You may even have a WebEx group interview with other people, which will be nicely organized and asked a standard sort of customer service questions.

To pass the Apple WebEx interview for a retail position you need to show a nice personality and good customer service skills. You probably won’t get any technical questions, other than “what is your favorite Apple product?” The bottom line, try to be personable and well-spoken.

Interview tips for Apple group interviews

During the Apple interview process for a retail position, you may do some interviews in teams, where you’ll do role-playing so they can test how you’d deal with the customer. During this Apple hiring event, you’ll sit down with a group of other people, watch videos about Apple, talk about products and answer questions.

Make sure to show enthusiasm, be alert, responsive, and show interest. Here, you need to show how you can connect to the customer and help them, not simply show off your technical knowledge. Be sure to speak loud and clear, listen to others, and try to stay relaxed.

To remain relaxed you may want to chat with some staff before the interview or do some breathing exercises. There’s no need to pretend, so just be yourself, and try to remain conversational. This will prove to them that you can talk to customers, help them and also sell products as well.

What should I wear to the Apple interview?

Usually, the best advice is to dress business casual for the Apple interview. It’s casual but dressy enough to show that you respect and value the opportunity. Unless you’re interviewing for the upper management, do not wear a suit.

How long to hear back after Apple’s interviews?

In general, the Apple interview response time is about a week or two, and it depends on the position you’re applying for. Usually, the response times after the 2nd interview at Apple are much shorter than after the first one.

How long does the Apple background check take?

A background check at Apple can take anywhere from a few days to a few weeks depending mostly on how many companies and education institutions you listed. If HireRight is doing the checks, then it should come back in a week or so, but could stretch out to 3-4 weeks. 

How Do You Know if Apple Hired or Rejected You?

If you only applied but never had an interview, Apple won’t let you know if you don’t get selected. However, if you had an interview, Apple will most probably let you know if they’re moving forward with you, or not.


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