How Long Does It Take for YouTube Shorts to Get Views?

Are you ready to jump into the world of YouTube Shorts? These bite-sized videos are like a digital buffet, where viewers can scroll, watch, and move on to the next delicious video. But creating a YouTube Short is just the first step; getting those views is the real challenge.

YouTube Shorts are a great way to gain exposure and attract new subscribers, but it takes time and effort to see the results. It typically takes 3 to 5 days for a YouTube Short to enter the algorithm, but it could be sooner.

Interestingly, uploading YouTube Shorts during peak viewer times, such as early evenings or weekends, can potentially accelerate their entry into the algorithm’s notice.

And while some shorts can take off and get thousands of views in just a day, others may take several weeks before you see a significant change in the view count. Understanding the dynamics of YouTube Shorts and the algorithm can empower you to make better decisions and ultimately increase your revenue on the platform.

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Advantages of YouTube Shorts

Here are some of the key benefits of creating YouTube Shorts for your channel:

  1. Boosting the growth of new channels. YouTube Shorts are a great way to gain visibility and attract new subscribers, especially for channels that are just starting out.
  2. Increasing subscribers. YouTube Shorts can help all channels gain more subscribers by providing a way to showcase their content and attract new viewers.
  3. Enhancing view count. YouTube Shorts can also help increase the views of your longer videos by providing a sneak peek and encouraging viewers to watch more.
  4. Viral potential. With a viral YouTube Short, the growth potential is tremendous, and it could be the thing that takes your channel to the next level.
  5. Aligning your Short’s content with trending topics or hashtags can significantly optimize the time it takes for it to gain views.
  6. Promotions and teasers. You can use YouTube Shorts to give a preview of upcoming videos. This way, you can create anticipation and excitement.
  7. Filler content. You can use YouTube Shorts as filler content between regular videos to keep your audience engaged and coming back for more.
  8. Fun and easy to make. YouTube Shorts are quick and easy to make. You don’t have to spend a lot of time editing, so you can focus on creating more content.

Persistence and patience are key to YouTube Shorts, but you can achieve the visibility and engagement you desire with the right strategy.

Disadvantages of YouTube shorts

Here are some of the potential drawbacks to keep in mind when using YouTube Shorts to grow your channel:

  1. Limited monetization options. Currently, YouTube Shorts cannot be as easily monetized as regular videos, so it may not be the best option for creators looking to make money from their content.
  2. Low retention and click-through rates. These new subscribers may primarily be interested in watching more Shorts than your regular, longer videos. This may lead to lower click-through rates (CTR) and retention rates for your older videos.
  3. Community building. YouTube Shorts may be less effective in building a community around your channel, as they don’t offer the same opportunities for engagement and interaction as longer videos.
  4. Limited impact on older videos. While YouTube Shorts may help increase the visibility of your channel and attract new viewers, they may not substantially increase the views of your older videos.
  5. Volatile algorithm. The YouTube Shorts algorithm can be difficult to predict, making it challenging to plan and strategize.

The YouTube Shorts algorithm is unpredictable and volatile. Sometimes a short may only get 30 views in the first 24 hours, and then suddenly 500 views in under an hour. The key is to keep creating and promoting high-quality content; eventually, your shorts will get the views they deserve.

YouTube Shorts can be a powerful tool for growing your channel by attracting new viewers and subscribers. However, weighing the pros and cons is important to determine how to use the Shorts effectively.

How to Use YouTube Shorts?

YouTube Shorts offer a wealth of opportunities for growing your channel, and when leveraged correctly, they can serve as an effective tool for introducing new viewers to your main content.

One of the biggest advantages of having a viral YouTube Short is converting new subscribers into regular viewers of your longer content. But that’s not all – a viral short can boost the visibility of your videos across your channel. This is because when the algorithm sees that one of your shorts is doing well, it will give your channel more credibility, and therefore, your videos will be more likely to be recommended to new viewers.

YouTube shorts are good for getting exposure and growing subscribers but don’t get people to stay for long. It’s because viewers interested in shorts will mostly be looking for shorts. That is why your main goal should be to transform your shorts viewer into your main content viewer.

If one of your shorts goes viral, the primary benefit is the ability to move your new subscribers to your subsequent, longer videos. A secondary benefit is that YouTube will slightly increase the showing of your videos across your channel since you’ve gained some credibility with the algorithm. Knowing about YouTube shorts and the algorithm can help you make more money on YouTube.

It’s also worth noting that YouTube’s notification system doesn’t always notify all subscribers instantly. This means while the initial boost from your loyal audience might be delayed, the true test of a Short’s potential often comes from its organic reach during subsequent days.

YouTube Shorts alone may not be enough to build a strong community around your channel, as they don’t offer the same opportunities for engagement and interaction as longer videos. Therefore, if you’re looking to monetize your channel and create a sustainable business, you’ll need to produce longer videos to engage your audience and increase click-through and retention rates.

Are YouTube shorts worth it?

YouTube Shorts can be valuable for growing your channel by attracting new subscribers and increasing visibility. When used in conjunction with regular content, they can help boost your channel’s growth without negatively impacting your current audience.

YouTube Shorts are designed to boost your subscriber count so that you can continue to impress your new audience with your latest content. At first, they may not greatly impact your older videos, but they can help you acquire new subscribers.

Therefore, it is crucial to use YouTube Shorts as an opportunity to introduce new subscribers to your other, longer content to keep them engaged with your channel.

Later on, shorts will increase your channel’s credibility in the algorithm’s eyes, resulting in more visibility for your other videos as well. With all this said, with advantages and disadvantages weighed. YouTube shorts are most certainly worth it.

YouTube Shorts Algorithm

The algorithm for YouTube shorts is a way for YouTube to pick up your shorts and show them to viewers. However, it can be difficult to predict whether your short will get picked up by the algorithm today or in 3 weeks.

In general, YouTube will prioritize what the algorithm thinks people want to watch.

Sometimes the algorithm will send hundreds or even thousands of views to your short video, sometimes only 20-30. However, you can do something to get YouTube shorts picked up by the algorithm.

You can create something that those 20-30 viewers will want to like/comment on. That will increase your chances of the next YouTube short going viral. Then you just need to hope that your shorts continue to do well with the people it’s being recommended to. Know your audience, and target them properly.

Navigating the YouTube Shorts algorithm can be a bit of a wild ride. Sometimes your best shorts may not perform as well as you expect, while others you didn’t think would do well might take off. The algorithm is unpredictable and can be difficult to understand.

It’s important to remember that with YouTube Shorts, it’s a bit of a hit-or-miss game. You never know which shorts will take off and become popular, so it’s important to keep experimenting and producing new content. Don’t get discouraged if a short doesn’t perform as well as you expected, keep creating, and keep learning what works for your audience.

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Transform your shorts viewer into your main content viewer

This should be your main goal for your YouTube channel if you use shorts, and it’s something many people struggle with. You can get a million views on Shorts and barely 100 on longer videos.

Since longer videos are the only ones being ‘properly’ monetized, you need those views. Since viewers of shorts mostly look for other shorts, it’s difficult to grow your channel with them and run a successful YouTube business.

One great way to transform your shorts viewer into your longer content viewer is to let your shorts users know that you make more than shorts. Let them know you make regular content as well. Add a message to the end of your shorts, but only if your shorts are in the same general topic as your main content, or it can backfire.

How to Get Views on YouTube Shorts?

To increase the chances of getting views on your YouTube Shorts, ensure they meet the requirements in terms of height, aspect ratio, and length, and include the #shorts in the description.

Consistently uploading new content, both Shorts and regular videos, is key to building an audience and recommending your videos to viewers. Remember, YouTube Shorts can be hit or miss, but following these guidelines will lead you to success.

Given the unpredictable nature of the YouTube Shorts algorithm, considering peak times for global audiences can have an influence. Typically, releasing shorts between 12 PM to 5 PM (based on the target audience’s time zone) can aid in quicker initial traction.

How do YouTube shorts go viral?

The main thing you need to do is to make sure the shorts satisfy the requirements regarding the size, length, and hashtag #shorts. That’s usually 1920×1080, shorter than 59 seconds, and has a hashtag #shorts.

It may take a few days for shorts to get popular. If they don’t, you need to focus on those views you got on other shorts. Create something else that those few people might watch again and like or comment on. After a while, the algorithm might pick you up and take off.

You might want to try FlexClip for your videos. It’s a free simple yet powerful web-based video maker that creates videos in minutes. With millions of royalty free media resources and a bunch of AI features like background removal and text-to-speech, it’s an amazing resource to use.

Should You Make a Separate Channel for YouTube Shorts?

You don’t need to have a separate channel for shorts. However, while shorts get you new subs, these same subs will only look to see new shorts and not your longer videos.

For this reason, many YouTubers make clip channels to get a lot of views on shorts, then move them over to the main channel with longer videos. However, if you enjoy making them and are fine with having subs only enjoying shorts, there is no need for another channel.

Granted, you shouldn’t do product reviews with a YouTube short only, but you can create shorts out of your main content and use them to grow your base and possibly go viral.

YouTube shorts won’t hurt your current channel, and it’s generally a good idea to make shorts on your main channel. Some subscribers might get annoyed. However, you can turn off notifications on shorts and make them so they don’t appear on the subscriptions page.

If your shorts didn’t automatically go into the shorts shelf, they will after a day or so.

What aspect ratio are YouTube shorts?

YouTube short is a vertical video of a 9:16 aspect ratio, with a resolution of 720×1280, 1080×1920, etc. It’s also possible to make them square, with a 1:1 aspect ratio.

Unless it’s filmed vertically in the first place, the aspect ratio needs to be converted in editing software, such as iMovie or Davinci Resolve, or if possible, in the YouTube shorts creation tool. Make sure you set up the video vertically so that your editor renders it vertically and not horizontally.


How long are YouTube shorts supposed to be?

They should be shorter than 59 seconds and usually longer than 25 seconds if you want to add any kind of end screen linking to other videos.

Should You Use Hashtags on YouTube Shorts?

You should use hashtag #shorts in the description for your YouTube short video to become short. ‘Shorts’ doesn’t need to be in the title, though you can add it. It may be a good idea to use them. According to Backlinko, YouTube hashtags can improve your SEO.

How many subscribers do you need for YouTube Shorts?

YouTube shorts are available to all creators regardless of subscriber count. You can create shorts with 0 subscribers.

How to verify that your YouTube short is actually a Short?

To check if shorts are showing correctly as a short, go to channel customization, and under the featured section, you should see your shorts videos. You can choose “Short videos” to appear on your homepage. If the short you uploaded automatically go into that section, it is short.

Also, if you go to your videos page on your channel, there will be a ‘shorts icon’ in the lower right corner of the preview/thumbnail.

How many shorts should I upload on YouTube in one day?

You should post as many as you can create for that day. More videos equal more chances to get views. However, just because you post more shorts doesn’t mean those new subscribers will watch your regular, longer videos.

When to upload YouTube Shorts?

You can upload YouTube shorts at any time of day and any time during your channel’s life. It doesn’t matter where you are in your channel’s lifecycle or whether it is big or small. Shorts can be a valuable tool for attracting new viewers and subscribers anytime.

Do YouTube Shorts count as watch time?

They do not count as watch time if they are watched normally as a short on the shorts player, on the shorts shelf. If they are watched in the default YouTube player on a regular page with YouTube ads and a comment section, then yes, they will count as watch time.

Are YouTube shorts monetized?

YouTube shorts CAN be monetized, but only if watched like a regular video, but not if watched like on TikTok, and they must be at least 15 seconds long.

How long have YouTube shorts been around?

YouTube shorts launched in the fall of 2020 in India and have since expanded into 100 other countries, including the USA, in the spring of 2021.

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