Hi there!

I’m Alex, the guy behind HowMonk.com!

Do you like learning interesting new things? How many questions do you have, and you can’t find a proper answer anywhere?

I created this blog to answer all those questions, from valid sources, for everyone to learn and enjoy.

HowMonk is dedicated to make you smarter, to empower you with knowledge so that when you’re done reading my blog post, you know much more useful information than when you started. And your questions are perfectly answered.

HowMonk is committed to answering as many questions as possible, from all kinds of topics, while being dedicated to teaching and entertainment, to help users find useful and valid information, in a fun way.

For now, I’m just one guy, so I can’t write about everything and put out multiple posts per day, but I do my best to write as many as I can, and cover as many topics as I can. Some of these are very fun to write! 😀 In the future there will be many more “How blog posts“, and more often!

If you have any questions feel free to contact me about anything at all! I always respond in person.

I’ll update this page later on, this is still early in my blog.

Check back often!

HowMonk – the smartest monk ever to exist! (not really, but totally – yes!)

Monks having fun
Group of Young Monks discovers an iPod
Group of Young Monks discovers an iPod
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