How Long to Pick Up Michaels Order?

Are you wondering how long it will take to pick up your Michaels order? Let’s get straight to the point and find out the answer.

There is nothing worse than waiting around for your order, so let’s dive into the details and see just how long it will take to pick up your Michaels order.

Processing Time

When you place an order with Michaels for pickup, you might be wondering how long it will take before you can grab your items. Typically, Michaels processes orders for pickup within 1-2 hours. This means that in most cases, your order will be ready for pickup at your selected store within just a couple of hours.

However, it’s essential to keep in mind that processing times can vary based on the volume of orders, time of day, and any special promotions or events happening at Michaels. If you’re in a rush, we recommend calling your local store to check on the status of your order and confirm when it will be ready for pickup.


Once your Michaels order is ready for pickup, you’ll receive a notification from the store. Michaels will typically send you an email or a text message to let you know that your order is ready to be picked up. This notification will include important details like the store location, pickup instructions, and any special requirements for retrieving your order.

It’s crucial to keep an eye on your email or phone after placing your order so that you don’t miss the notification when it comes through. Michaels strives to make the pickup process as smooth as possible, and clear communication is key to ensuring a hassle-free experience.

Pro Tip: If you’re eager to get your hands on your Michaels order as soon as possible, consider opting in for text notifications when placing your order. This way, you’ll be instantly alerted when your items are ready for pickup, allowing you to swing by the store right away.

Pickup Window

When you receive the exciting notification that your Michaels order is ready for pickup, don’t delay! You typically have around seven days to swing by the store and grab your goodies. This gives you plenty of time to fit it into your schedule without feeling rushed. Pro tip: set a reminder on your phone so you don’t forget – we’ve all been there!

Busy Periods

Ah, yes, the hustle and bustle of busy periods at Michaels can sometimes impact how quickly you can snag your order. To avoid any delays, try to plan your pickup during weekdays or less crowded times. If you’re popping in during a peak period like weekends or holidays, consider giving yourself a bit of extra wiggle room just in case there’s a line. Remember, a little flexibility can go a long way!

Additional Insight:

If you’re in a time crunch or prefer a quick in-and-out experience, consider using Michaels’ curbside pickup option for ultimate convenience. You can stay in your car while a friendly associate brings your order right to you – talk about modern shopping magic!

Alternate Pickup Options

If you find yourself unable to make it to the store to pick up your Michaels order, don’t worry! Michaels offers convenient alternative pickup options to suit your needs. You can have a family member or friend pick up the order on your behalf by simply providing them with the order number and a valid form of identification. You can also opt for curbside pickup, where a Michaels team member will bring your order directly to your car. These options make it easy and flexible for you to get your items without any hassle.

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your safety is a top priority at Michaels, especially during these challenging times. When picking up your order, rest assured that Michaels has implemented stringent COVID-19 safety measures to protect you and their staff. This includes regular sanitization of high-touch areas, mandatory mask-wearing for all employees, and contactless order handoff procedures. By following these guidelines, Michaels ensures a safe and secure pickup experience for all customers. For more information on the specific safety measures in place, visit Michaels’ official COVID-19 updates page.

Unique Insight: For those who are concerned about the time it takes to pick up their Michaels order, rest assured that the process is typically quick and efficient. With most orders ready for pickup within a few hours, you can expect a speedy and convenient experience when retrieving your items. To expedite the process even further, consider calling ahead to confirm that your order is ready for pickup. This simple step can help minimize wait times and ensure a seamless experience at Michaels.

Additional Services

When picking up your Michaels order, consider taking advantage of their curbside pickup option for added convenience. With curbside pickup, you can simply drive up to the designated area at your chosen Michaels store, and a team member will bring your order out to your vehicle. This minimizes the time you spend in-store, making the process even quicker and more efficient.

Another helpful service Michaels offers is same-day delivery. If you need your items urgently and can’t make it to the store for pickup, you can opt for same-day delivery to have your order brought right to your doorstep. This is especially convenient for busy individuals or those with tight schedules.

For those who prefer a more personalized touch, Michaels also offers personal shopping assistance. You can schedule an appointment with a Michaels team member who will help you select and purchase the items you need, streamlining the pickup process and ensuring you get exactly what you’re looking for.

To further enhance your pickup experience, Michaels provides online order tracking. Through their website or mobile app, you can easily monitor the status of your order and receive updates on its progress. This real-time tracking feature gives you peace of mind and helps you plan your pickup time accordingly.

By utilizing these additional services offered by Michaels, you can simplify the pickup process, save time, and ensure a hassle-free experience tailored to your needs.

And remember, always check the specific details for the services mentioned above on Michaels’ website to ensure they are available at your local store and align with your preferences.

How Long to Pick Up Michaels Order?

When it comes to picking up your Michaels order, the time it takes can vary depending on several factors. On average, you can expect to spend around 15-30 minutes for the entire pickup process, including any wait time in line and the actual retrieval of your order.

However, to expedite the pickup process, it’s recommended to schedule your pickup in advance and choose an off-peak time if possible. This can help reduce wait times and ensure a smoother experience when you arrive at the store.

Additionally, make sure to have your order confirmation number and a valid photo ID on hand when you go to pick up your items. Having these ready will speed up the verification process and help the store associates locate your order quickly.

If you’re in a rush, consider using curbside pickup or same-day delivery options provided by Michaels for a more efficient and convenient experience. These services can significantly reduce the time it takes to get your items and eliminate the need to wait in line at the store.

By following these tips and being prepared, you can minimize the time it takes to pick up your Michaels order and ensure a quick and hassle-free experience.

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