What Kind of Blog Should You Start in 2022?

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  • Post last modified:April 1, 2022

If you ever wanted to make money online, this is the perfect time. Especially for blogging. But, what kind of blog should you start? The question might seem daunting, but the answer is rather simple.

What Kind of Blog Should You Start in 2021? You should start a blog in a niche that you have some knowledge in, willingness to learn about, or something you’ve already put some effort in. If you start a blog about something that you like, it will be much easier to write articles for it.

niche is a sub-industry relating to products, services, or interests that appeal to a small, specialized section of the population.

The general rule is: the smaller the niche, the easier it is to compete, but that’s not always the case. If you look at my articles, you’ll see that they’re not that specific, but they are somewhat original, more helpful, and just better structured.

You can choose anything you want to blog about. All you need to do is to try to write blog posts, which are at least marginally better than what’s already ranking on Google. It takes some effort, but it’s well worth it.

What Kind of Blog Should You Start?

The type of blog to start would be the one for which you have some expertise and knowledge or a blog about something which isn’t well covered on Google Search.

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If you can give Google something better than what’s already out there, or something more useful then you will be able to rank well and drive traffic in.

Good blogging ideas are everywhere and of all kinds. Another good idea for choosing the type of blog to create is to choose a specific niche with low competition but still good general search volume. We call this a sub-niche.

A sub-niche is a more specific category of a niche, such as “baseball training for kids” in a niche of “baseball training”, or “sailing instructions for small sailing boats” in the niche “sailing instructions for boats“.

It’s a more specific niche, easier to target and to compete in. It is also much easier to write article ideas for when you get more specific and to rank in Google search.

Choose the Type of Blog You Have at Least Some Interest In

When starting a new blog, it’s better to pick something in which you have some interest, whether you already did it, or you’re willing to learn about it.

This is because:

  1. it’s easier to figure out what you’ll write about
  2. you’ll enjoy it and work harder, especially if you’re the one who’s writing your articles.
  3. It will be much easier to write those articles.

If you’re uncertain about choosing a niche, just make sure you don’t completely dislike what you’re going to write and build a business about. It can slow you down. If you don’t like what you’re writing about, you can hire writers.

You may want to start a blog around something for which you:

  • Have a passion for, or
  • Have put efforts in before, something you’ve done many times, and you’re following your efforts and see your future self growing a successful business out of it.

The combination of both is generally preferable when starting a blog, but if you have to choose, go with efforts because your efforts can usually create that passion, and passion alone is not sufficient unless you work at it. For example, I have a passion for graphic design, but I never put the required effort in to make it in graphic design.

Choose the Type of Blog With Good Search Volume

When choosing what kind of a blog to start, you need to know will there be enough Google search volume for that blog. How much is enough? That will depend on how many competitive posts can you write. If you take at least 400 visits per post on average, that’s 4000 visits for 10 posts, monthly.

You can use many tools for this, free and paid, but remember they can only give you an estimate.

SEMrush is both free (limited) and has a cheap trial. They’ve improved a lot in the last few years and will give you a decent estimate for the search volume of your new blog.

With Ahrefs, you can get a trial for 7 days for $7 just make sure to cancel if you’re not going to buy it because it’s expensive.

You can also do this without any tools. Simply start typing in Google Search and let Google autosuggest do it for you. If it shows up, then there is ‘some’ volume.

Choose the Type of Blog With Low Competition

When choosing a new blog it may be smart to start a blog in an industry that isn’t too competitive.

The best way to figure this out is using common sense and doing some Google search. Then, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you create more helpful content than the competition?
  • Can you write many articles on it?
  • Is there a less competitive and better sub-niche?

Generally, if you feel that you could write slightly better than what’s already ranking in the top 5 Google results, then you can compete successfully. If not, you can still compete, just not “as” successfully.

Even if those articles on Google are excellent, but you feel that you can write more than that and that you could write slightly better, more useful and/or specific advice, steps, guides, and answers to people’s problems, then you can compete.

Choose the Type of Blog That Is Profitable

Unless you explicitly don’t plan to make any money on it, you should make sure to pick the type of blog that will be profitable. This means, choosing the market with higher income power.

Your targeted potential visitors need to have a high or at least average income. If you write about beer, drinking, and wasting time, then the audience will most likely have a lower income. This reflects on you, and both your ad revenue, affiliate revenue, and other types of income.

Ask yourself: can I monetize this blog? You can monetize almost anything, and these days you can make a living just from ads alone. All you need is traffic and a high-income audience.

You should be familiar with your average visitor, and know whether your audience has enough income so that your ad and affiliate revenue isn’t too low. Unless the money is of no importance to you, in which case you can skip this part. However, if you’re selling or recommending products, you should have some idea whether they are going to pay for the products and services that you’re selling or to go through with the purchase on affiliate links.

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How to Pick the Type of Blog Through Keyword Research

You can find what kind of a blog to start by doing some keyword research, then checking the competition to confirm it.

You can easily do a quick volume and keyword difficulty search on SEMrush and Ahrefs. In general, it’s almost impossible for you to know this precisely, but these tools will help you to have a general sense of these indicators.

Through SEMrush

SEMrush improved over the last few years when it comes to estimating monthly search traffic, and even keyword difficulty. My suggestion is to take the trial offer and do some keyword research.

What you’re looking for are monthly traffic and keyword difficulty. When it comes to traffic, all you need is at least ‘some’ traffic. No tool can give you correct data on this, but you probably shouldn’t go below 100 monthly search volume. For keyword difficulty, aim below 35 for a new blog.

Export some lists, then create an excel file and put in all the keywords that seem good to you.

Finally, search some of these keywords in Google. You have to search in Google and face reality, otherwise, you might be losing time and effort writing about something already extensively covered.

What you’re looking for here are the top results in Google, which don’t seem that great to you. If it seems like you can do better (or original) in some way, write the keyword down, and create a title for it. Then move on to the next one, and so on.

Through Ahrefs

Ahrefs offers a 7-day trial for $7 and I think it’s worth it.

The process is similar to SEMrush. Once you’re in their keyword explorer, you have all kinds of useful info to check. To find more useful but similar words, check “Having Same Terms“.

Now, look at the KDVolume, and Clicks. Go for keywords below 35 KD – keyword difficulty. Even if you don’t know anything on the subject, don’t be disheartened with a high KD, always check google and determine for yourself. Trust yourself. You can learn enough to rank in the top 3.

The general rule is: the higher the difficulty and the better the competing articles for the keyword, the better your articles need to be to rank higher. Next, the Volume and the Clicks tell you the average monthly search volume for the selected keyword and the number of clicks.

Through Google Trends

google trends spikes

Another great tool is google trends for a general trend of a keyword. The main thing to watch out for: if it’s going down, or has spikes it might be best to avoid.

Mild, long-term spikes may indicate that it has a seasonal trend, and you’ll need to figure out articles that are relevant during the off-season time. Sometimes it’s not the season but a shorter period – whatever the case, it’s unpredictable and riskier.

So, keep that in mind. If you’re a website about doing something at a specific time of the year, you might want to start writing some articles months before that period, so that Google has time to rank it during the off-season. Better yet – avoid seasonal niche.

Through Google Autosuggest

Finally, and the most important one when choosing the kind of blog to start, is just using common sense.

If it’s a niche with low competition, just use Google Search, and check the autosuggest Google gives you in Google search. Check an article for which you want to write, if there aren’t any good ones in the first 5 results on Google – guess what – you can beat it.

You can always rank higher if there is mediocre content on Google. Simply write useful and original stuff. Add a useful picture or two, create a table, a nice bullet list, anything useful to the visitor. Results come 3-6 months later, depending on how good you are. So you need to learn to be patient.

Unless you have a backlinking strategy to get some credibility right away, you will always need to wait a few months to get a good amount of traffic from Google. Just remember, successful people, can delay gratification by sacrificing now, for a better tomorrow. Results will come, but it takes time, and it’s worth it.