How Long Does It Take to Drive from La to Utah?

Driving from LA to Utah is a journey many people embark on for various reasons, whether it be for a vacation, visit family, or simply to explore the diverse landscapes between the two states. One of the most common questions travelers have is: how long does it take to drive from LA to Utah?

For those wondering how long it takes to drive from LA to Utah, the answer varies depending on your starting point in LA and your destination in Utah. On average, the drive can take anywhere from 7 to 9 hours, covering a distance of approximately 400 to 500 miles, depending on your route.

Best Routes to Take for the Drive

Driving from LA to Utah offers a variety of scenic routes that you can take to make your journey more enjoyable. One popular route is to take Interstate 15, which will lead you through stunning landscapes such as the Mojave Desert and Zion National Park. If you’re looking to add some extra adventure to your drive, consider taking Highway 89 for a more scenic and leisurely route with picturesque views of the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument.

For those looking to make the most of their drive and explore some hidden gems along the way, a detour to Bryce Canyon National Park is highly recommended. This breathtaking destination is well worth the extra time and offers incredible hiking trails and unique rock formations that will make your road trip unforgettable.

Ideal Time to Start the Drive

To make the most of your journey from LA to Utah, it’s best to start early in the morning to avoid heavy traffic and make the most of the daylight hours. By hitting the road before sunrise, you can enjoy smoother driving conditions and beat the rush of commuters heading out of the city.

Additionally, starting early will allow you to reach Utah before sunset, giving you plenty of time to explore the area and settle in for the night. Plus, starting early can help you avoid any potential weather-related delays that may occur later in the day. So set your alarm, grab your coffee, and hit the road bright and early for a smooth and enjoyable drive to Utah.

Remember, the key to a successful road trip is proper planning and preparation. Consider checking the weather forecast before you go and packing some snacks and water for the journey. By starting early and taking the right route, you’ll be well on your way to an unforgettable drive from LA to Utah.

For additional information on road conditions and traffic updates, be sure to visit the Utah Department of Transportation website at

Pit Stops and Rest Areas

Driving from LA to Utah can be a lengthy journey, so it’s essential to plan your pit stops and rest areas along the way to stay refreshed and energized. One great option is the Barstow Station in Barstow, California, which offers a variety of dining options and restrooms. Another popular stop is Beaver, Utah, known for its scenic views and convenient facilities.

For a quick break, consider stopping at St. George, Utah, where you can stretch your legs and grab a snack. If you’re looking for a more extended rest, Cedar City, Utah, is a fantastic destination with plenty of accommodations and attractions to explore. Remember to stay hydrated, take breaks when needed, and enjoy the journey!

Estimated Fuel Costs

When budgeting for your road trip from LA to Utah, it’s crucial to consider the estimated fuel costs. On average, the distance between the two locations is around 650 miles, depending on your starting point in LA and final destination in Utah. With current gas prices and the fuel efficiency of your vehicle, you can estimate spending approximately $100 to $150 on fuel for the round trip.

To save money on fuel, consider using a gas price comparison app to find the best deals along your route. Additionally, driving at a steady speed, avoiding heavy traffic, and keeping your tires properly inflated can help improve fuel efficiency. By budgeting for fuel costs in advance, you can enjoy a smooth and stress-free road trip from LA to Utah.

Extra tip: Carrying a fuel canister in your vehicle can provide peace of mind in case you encounter long stretches without gas stations, especially in remote areas of Utah.

Weather Considerations

Driving from LA to Utah can be affected by various weather conditions along the way. In the summer months, the temperatures can soar, especially in the desert areas you’ll pass through. Make sure your vehicle’s cooling system is in top shape to prevent overheating. In winter, be prepared for snow and icy roads, especially in higher elevations. Check road conditions and weather forecasts before you hit the road to avoid any surprises.

When driving in rain, reduce your speed and increase following distance to allow for safe braking. Fog can be a hazard, so use low beam headlights and fog lights if your vehicle has them. Windy conditions are common in the desert regions, so keep a firm grip on the steering wheel and be prepared for sudden gusts.

Safety Tips for the Drive

Safety should be your top priority when embarking on this road trip. Before you leave, ensure your vehicle is in good working condition, especially the tires, brakes, and lights. Pack an emergency kit with essentials like water, snacks, a flashlight, and a first aid kit.

During the drive, take breaks every couple of hours to rest and stretch your legs. Stay alert and avoid distractions while driving. If you start feeling tired, pull over in a safe location for a nap or switch drivers if possible. Remember to always wear your seatbelt and obey speed limits.

Extra tip: Consider joining a roadside assistance program for added peace of mind in case of unexpected breakdowns or emergencies.

Remember, a safe and enjoyable road trip is all about preparation and vigilance. Stay informed, be cautious, and enjoy the journey from the City of Angels to the stunning landscapes of Utah.

Cultural Highlights in Utah

Utah is not just a scenic delight; it’s also a treasure trove of culture waiting to be explored. Once you arrive at your destination, make sure to visit the stunning Temple Square in Salt Lake City, home to the iconic Salt Lake Temple. For a taste of Native American history, head to the Museum of Natural History of Utah, where you can delve into the rich heritage of the region. Don’t miss out on the vibrant arts scene in Utah by attending a performance at the Utah Symphony or exploring the unique exhibits at the Utah Museum of Fine Arts.

Interesting Facts About the Route

Did you know that the drive from LA to Utah takes approximately 8 to 9 hours, depending on traffic and road conditions? Along the way, you’ll pass through the Mojave Desert, known for its Joshua trees and unique landscape. Make sure to fuel up in St. George, Utah, a charming town that marks the halfway point of your journey. As you cruise through Arizona, keep an eye out for the stunning Vermilion Cliffs National Monument, offering breathtaking views of the surrounding rock formations. And if you’re a history buff, consider making a pit stop at the famous Hoover Dam for a dose of architectural marvel.

Eco-Friendly Travel Tips

Looking to lessen your environmental impact while driving from LA to Utah? Here are some eco-friendly travel tips to help you reduce your carbon footprint:

  1. Drive Responsibly: Avoid aggressive driving behaviors like speeding and rapid acceleration, as they can decrease fuel efficiency and increase emissions.

  2. Car Maintenance: Ensure your vehicle is well-maintained with regularly scheduled tune-ups. Properly inflated tires can improve gas mileage, saving both fuel and money.

  3. Pack Light: The heavier your vehicle, the more fuel it consumes. Pack only essentials to keep your car light and eco-friendly.

  4. Use Cruise Control: Utilizing cruise control on the highway can help maintain a consistent speed, saving fuel in the process.

  5. Opt for Hybrid or Electric Vehicles: If possible, consider renting or driving a hybrid or electric vehicle for your trip. These vehicles produce fewer emissions and are more fuel-efficient.

  6. Plan Your Route: Minimize stops and avoid traffic congestion by planning your route ahead of time. This can help save fuel and reduce emissions during your journey.

By following these eco-friendly travel tips, you can make a positive impact on the environment while embarking on your road trip from LA to Utah.

For more information on reducing your carbon footprint while traveling, check out this resource from the Environmental Protection Agency: EPA Green Vehicle Guide

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